Feb 13: Don’t Stop Believin’

Feb 13 Dont Stop Believin

Sometimes we gotta get a little sappy around here; we just do.  We are in a human business and I have so much love for all of us working in the financial services community.  My heart is full each day knowing the difference we are making.  I really believe that too.

My challenge for you today is get back in touch with why you are in the business.  Really tap into and believe in the value you bring to others.  Think about all the good we can do collectively as an entire community and how your individual value proposition provides content and context to that scene.  Do you still see that?  Do you still feel that?  

The real question is, “Do you really believe it?”  When you talk about the work you do; try seeing it from your clients’ view.  Talk about “why” a whole lot more.  Why you do this work?  Why did you stay in this business?  None of those answers are about money.   Remember, that’s just a byproduct of what we do.  People connect with why…sometimes our own problem is that we forget and need to reconnect too.

Don’t stop believin…

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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