Feb 14: That’s What Friends Are For


I have a really good friend.  Her name is Louise Aquino.  When I lived in California, I was a Girl Scout leader for many years and Louise (who already ran a troop herself) agreed to be my co-leader.  We have been friends ever since my first Girl Scout meeting.  From Brownies to cookies, the best part of being friends with Louise was I could try any new idea with her and she would give me great feedback.  That’s what friends are for.

One of the most important things we must do in the financial services community is developing processes around things.  For example, I believe it’s difficult to be a successful advisor without some target audience.  Being all things to everyone is exhausting and usually not the best use of an advisor’s time and talent.  Developing a process on working with a target is helpful and running it by our friends who will love us and provide candid feedback, even if it means you must scrap the idea and start over, is what will make us more successful.

Social media is the exact same thing.  It’s a process.  Find out what works for you and then try it out with your friend.  Ask your friends, “If I sent you this prospecting letter before knowing you would it be creepy?” or “Do I have any grammar errors in this letter?”  or “Does this profile picture make you like me or not?”   Whatever it is, ask your friends – they want to help you out and see you be successful.

Having the confidence that a letter you’ve written has been seen by someone else or that the new profile picture your uploading on LinkedIn doesn’t make you look weird, those are valuable to your practice.  Trust me, they are.  

If you need any help – reach out and ask me too.  I love to help too!  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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