Feb 16: You’ve Got Mail

Feb 16 Youve Got MailRecently, I had some surgery and was out of the office for three weeks convalescing at home.  The best part of that surgery was the cards I received in the mail telling me to get well soon.  It’s very much like the old AOL emailbox that would ding and say, “You’ve Got Mail“.  The little things are sometimes the coolest.

We all want that feeling, ya know?  It’s not unique to anyone.  It’s not stodgy to send a card to a client; old-fashioned is still very hip today.  Hand-written notes and mailers are invaluable ways to improve your business.  It’s another way of saying, “I see you” through the very loud and restless world we are in; we see this one person and they matter.

Yeah yeah, I know I’m in social media and supposed to tell you about the coolest way to impress your clients with a new mobile application or social networking platform, but man – – who doesn’t still hope to get a letter now and then? 

[So, I can’t resist giving you something social media and cool.  You can click here and add “You’ve Got Mail” to your Gmail so you get that little hug each time an email comes in.  It’s actually kind of fun.] 

Now, go write a letter, will ya?

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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