Feb 24: Say what?

public speaking

If you would have said that when I grew up I would be a public speaker, well then… I have some great ocean front property in Fort Wayne, IN to sell ya, buddy!  You want me to get up, in front of a group of people, all by myself and…talk?  Say what?


Alas, I do public speaking though.  Not because I’m dying to get up in front of hundreds of people either.  I much prefer to sit in my office, alone and share tales of personal terror and triumphs with you so you can be the best advisor out there.  Public speaking engagements are an important part of what we do in the financial services community though.


Public speaking allows advisors a way to promote their business.  Many organizations are hungry for someone to get up and talk to their members about important financial topics.  This opportunity allows you to market your business to a lot of folks in a condensed amount of time.  Sometimes those engagements are free; other times you might get paid.


I’ve seen the full gamut out there too from polished speakers to those who are going out for their first time and let me tell you something, I applaud them either way.  It takes courage to get up in front of a group of peers and talk.  It can be downright scary at times!


Most people are not born with the talent to talk…at least not in front of a group of people. Spend the time practicing…and then practice some more.  The information you hold is valuable and believe me, you have a due diligence to share what you know to affect change in other’s lives.


Also – remember to showcase your speaking ability on your LinkedIn profile.  You can do this under “Projects” giving each talk a unique space on your site.  It showcases your skill set and allows you to link to the website of the group you talked to at that event…a nice marketing gesture on your part.

So speak up and become a presenter in your area!  It will really help broaden you and your business!


Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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