Feb 25: Rethinking prospects.

rewire your brain

If I’ve said it once, I will say it a thousand times:  I’m a connector.  I believe one of my talents is to know one person who needs another person’s talent and introduce them.  I love seeing a new relationship forge.  I find most advisors do as well.  These connections refer back to me too.


Think about these questions:  How many tax professionals do you know?  How many attorneys?  How about health administrators or trust specialists?  These are great referral sources that many advisors are not leveraging for their practice.


Rethinking prospects means to think about all those experts that you refer business to and rewire your brain to become a partner with them.  These referral sources are influencers on your business.  They can help introduce you to people you do not know and/or people you want to meet.


This rewiring means you need to track how much business you get from these individuals as well as making sure you are taking care of your connection to them in order to stay top of mind.  Your centers of influence are some of your BEST customers and should be treated this way too.


However, if you’re referring to someone and they never refer back – ask them “Why?”  You need to partner with someone who equally respects your business.  Otherwise, you may be doing a disservice to the clients you are referring to this individual in the first place.


It’s ok to be the Yelp of financial professionals [the best way to find great, local businesses], just make sure you’re also on the Share This plan [the dominant way people discover information].


Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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