Feb 26: Have no fear, Underdog is here!


The Underdog character always spoke in rhymes and I will too about these desperate times.


The underserved markets are like a geyser; shloads of individuals looking for their superhero advisor!


The underserved need advisors who are educated and quick – who will come to their rescue through thin and through thick.


C’mon advisors, look across our great plains and see who can be served through sunshine and rains.


Your expertise can be used to help so many, protect thousands of dollars right down to the penny.


Pursuing new business will grow out your practice, whether you work in tall buildings or out by the cactus.


Becoming a go-to within your community – – talk about a feel good opportunity!


Consulting about needs like retirement and insurance can be all that was needed to make a tremendous difference.


Showcasing your skills about long-term care and disability will return testimonials of loyalty and credibility.


So do your due diligence and share all that you can because the underserved markets also deserve a financial plan.


Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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