Feb 27: Um, I forgot…


Ok – you gotta be honest here.  How many of you have:  Walked into a room and thought, “What the hell did I need from here?”  Went to the airport and forgot your toothbrush and deodorant, yet you use the stuff every single day.  Wrote a grocery list, got to the store and realized you left it on the kitchen counter.  C’mon – you know you’ve done it!


We are human, not computers.  We forget LOTSA stuff.  What we can’t forget are other human beings though.  Wanna know why?  One time I left my daughter at the daycare in the gym…I drove home…went OMGosh…drove back…and she still remembers it to this very day!  That was 9 years ago!  Well guess what?  Our clients remember too.  They remember that we forgot them.  That’s a hard memory to erase, so what can we do to make sure it doesn’t happen?


Use technology!  You have Outlook, iPhones, GMail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc.  Use them!  After you leave a meeting do NOT, I repeat loudly through capital letters: DO NOT WAIT TO DEBRIEF WHAT YOU LEARNED IN A MEETING!  At no other point will the memory be fresher.  Right then, no matter how inconvenient, or how tired, or whatever you are, stop and write it all down.  Then make a reminder wherever you need to do it – your calendar, your phone, your assistant – to work on the actionable tasks from the meeting.  Do not forget a client ever!  The worst feeling ever is to stop and realize, “Um, I forgot…


This is such an important reminder about how human our business really is.  With all the disruption of social media, digital media, etc. it still comes down to making another person feel important.  You do this by remembering them, details about them; not thinking you’ll get around to it later because you won’t.  (If you can’t remember your toothbrush, you’re not going to remember the allocations on someone’s variable annuity account!)


Don’t let anyone or anything fall through the cracks.  Be human, but leverage technology!


Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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