Mar 02: Why you want to be offered a donkey by @EndieRunner

fat runnerFor about four years now I have been secretly stalking those who run.  For those who know me well, I do NOT have a runner’s body.  I’m shy of 5’2″ and thick-hipped after three C-sections with monstrous-sized babies (my smallest baby was 8 lbs 8oz), too many pieces of bacon (four slices at a time is the norm, right?) and three gym memberships I rarely use (the road to hell is paved with good intention..yeah yeah, I know).

But running…something about running has me curious; hence the stalking.  I hear about these 5ks, half-marathons, full marathons (oh my!) and always assume, “They must have that running gene that I don’t have.” I am secretly jealous of their accomplishments and quickly pick up another piece of bacon to swallow that green monster who’s trying to lift her chubby rear and come out.  Running, psht…who needs to run all those miles anyway.  I mean, that’s why I got a car when I was 16,right?

Then Jennifer Graham came along.  How dare her?  Making the decision to run…then actually doing it.  Continuing to run even when she wasn’t losing weight.  Going back to running after four C-sections and a divorce.  And donkeys…she even raised donkeys during this (who does that?)  Making herself find the time, digging deep for the will power and then writing about it in a funny and incredible way that will make you think anything is possible.  Damn her…overachiever!

She’s exposed all of my foibles as well-intended or made up as they might have been.  My pear-shaped body can run.  Stuff is going to sweat and rub and be all unattractive during a run, you’ll live.  You can have pretend coaches in your head without being a lunatic (she had Prefontaine, so I can use Jennifer, right?)  She is the first person who made running possible in the eyes of a 42-year-old chubby, bacon-eating social media director in Fort Wayne, IN.  Again, damn her!

Read her book.  Learn great things like:

  • So much of what we believe about ourselves comes from equations that are not true.
  • Being gracious in the face of atrocity comes easy to southerners, and the obese.
  • On this planet, small people are going to laugh at you, no matter what size you are or what you do.

fat runner sheryl


…and if you tweet her, she might offer you a donkey AND it will be the highlight of your day.  Have to leave now…I have some half-marathon training to do…

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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