Mar 03: Doing video right by @CBarnowski

carlSo I get an email…and embedded in it is a video link.  I click it and all of a sudden my friend, Carl Barnowski (who I’ve never met in person, only through social media) is right there and talking to me.  That’s right – a message JUST for me.  It’s sheer awesomeness!

Are you using video in your practice?  If not, why?  Every smart phone today has video capability.  YouTube is free.  Why not take advantage of the tools you have available and be as great as my friend, Carl?  It’s not hard, I promise you!

Carl works with a company that provides this excellent video capture capability.  [He can correct me, but I think he might actually own the company.]  Please feel free to reach out and talk with him about the costs and how it works.  This is an excellent way to take online relationships offline and make them come alive.

If you don’t do this, trust me – others will…and they will win.

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


One thought on “Mar 03: Doing video right by @CBarnowski

  1. Thank you so much for the great article and promotion. Video embed in your emails, blogs, social media content does wonders for the quality of connection you make with the public as well as the impact and impression you leave on media that otherwise is less personal. Here’s to continued success Sheryl Brown… Keep up the great work!

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