Mar 04: But I don’t wanna do this!

temper-tantrum-oTwo words:  Continuing Education

To anyone in the financial services profession this means giving up hours of your life and being a slave to a class somewhere either offline or online to review all the stuff you promised you would and wouldn’t do when you got your license in the first place.  And…I’ve put it off and in Indiana you must have 24 hours of CE to keep your license.  Wowzers!

This is my first time renewing my license in this state.  When I lived in other states the requirements have been FAR less [and yes, I bitched about having to do the CE for those states too.]  #JokesOnMeNow

If I’m a little behind in writing this week, just keep in mind that I’m sitting in a pissy-state-of-mind behind a laptop somewhere pulling on my hair and screaming, “But I don’t wanna do this!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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