Why I stopped to @HaveASODA with Barbara Burke

The Napkin The Melon and The Monkey

Have you ever stumbled upon something and you think, “That’s amazing how exactly what I need is right here in this moment!”  That’s no accident, my friends.  Divine intervention is an incredibly powerful tool; embrace it every time it happens.

I took my grandchildren (five year old twins) to the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, IN this past weekend.  Admittedly, I escaped to the business section for a moment to unplug from their chatter.  I just needed a break to clear my head.  I ran my fingers along the books as I continue to romanticize about the day I write my own and then this crazy titled book reached out and screamed, “You need to read me!”  [insert Fozzy Bear from The Muppets voice here]

Needless to say, I listened to that crazy voice and took that crazy book home with me.  And who knew, The Napkin, The Melon and The Monkey by Barbara Burke was JUST the thing I needed to read to save myself from some impending funk that had been looming.  A charming parable about finding happiness and success, this little book (it’s 130 pages, but the book fits in my child-like hands so when I say ‘little’ I surely mean it) comes packed with big (common sense) reminders on changing your mind.

I’m 43 though, can I really change my mind?  Ok, she’s not talking about politics, religion and world issues here, folks.  Barbara teaches you in a gentle read how to channel your true personal power in turning off the automatic reaction switch (which allows a situation to control you) and setting a more intentional habit of how you control your response to situations.

Her 22 Aha’s are worth printing out and making a visual of them.  The best of which is #6 – When all else fails, have a SODA.  S-stop.  O-observe.  D-decide.  A-act.  Simple, but not easy.  You have to make yourself stop reacting so quickly so you can observe a situation and decide if it’s something really worth acting on.  Again, simple, but not easy.

Being in social media, this Aha can really save a LOT of people (including me) headaches if you just apply the SODA concept.  Not every tweet, post, published blog, etc. is worthy of your energy.  I’m passionate about a lot of topics and my intensity can turn off people if I just unleash the power within.  I really needed a SODA!   Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out….

By applying SODA to so many day-to-day things you can really see where your energy needs to go and where it doesn’t need to go (<- and let me tell you, your energy probably doesn’t need to go in a lot of places where you’re currently putting it!)  SODA might make the difference in getting you from one crappy place to one terrific spot if you learn to apply the concept.  Again, simple, but not easy.

I don’t want to go through all 22 Aha’s here because I think you need to read the book to see where the tips apply in your own life, but I encourage you to take time, pick up this crazy book and learn how changing your mind leads to happiness and success.  A huge Thank You to Barbara for writing a fun, yet powerful, book.

Wishing you a Bigger, Better and more Bionic Day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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