Special S/O to @PaulCella2 from The @KeyArx Group!

Out-Of-Office MessagesThe out-of-office message can be the most boring and unsolicited email to have to read, or does it have to be?  I change my out-of-office message and include links to funny videos or include snarky messages, but I’m in social media and it’s pretty well expected of me.  So when I got the following out-of-office message from my friend, Paul Cella from The Keyarx Group, I had to share it and hope others will take advantage of this disruptive moment and be challenged to do something different.

Paul wrote:


There are many memorable milestones in one’s life and it seems that I’m stumbling upon one of them! I am “celebrating” my half century birthday this week and have decided that ” celebrating” is exactly what I am going to do.  I will not be available from June 20-June 30.  My family and I will be out of town taking a cruise to toast my milestone.  Please wish me a safe journey and know that KeyArx staff will be readily available to provide you with needed support.  As always, Maureen, Susanne and Steve are available to support any needs that may arise, or direct you to the appropriate department for assistance.  Feel free to call the office at any time.




Now, isn’t this a lot more fun, informative and downright relational than some boring message that basically says, “I’m out.  Deal with it.“?  Why do people think that out-of-office messages have to be so blah….?

Use this opportunity to be different.  Challenge yourself to be more transparent and share exactly why you’re out [within reason, I know].  People want to do business with you, the person, not your email.   Find a new way to differentiate yourself.  You never know, it could be your out-of-office message that wins their heart in the end.

Have a Bigger, Better and more Bionic day!

Sheryl Brown/ @BIONICsocialite



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