Facebook: What do you really expect from them?

Facebook:  They manipulated us, so what?Yes, we know Facebook manipulated our News Feeds, but what do you really expect from them?  I mean, they manipulate everything we do anyway, so why get pissed about this infraction?  Ethical or not, Facebook is a data-munching machine that takes all of our thoughts/feelings/emotions, chews them up, digests them completely and then writes new code to sell us more crap than we can ever dream of buying.  So are we really that shocked that they used some of the 1.3B users as guinea pigs in their data lab?  Get over it.

Everything you do on Facebook is propagated by some form of manipulation.  Think about it.  You check-in because Facebook knows we like to talk about where we are eating and shopping.  You can’t dislike anything because they are forcing you to make a comment on things that aggravate you so they can collect more data about you.  They give a boost to visual content vs. text because we told them to do this through our likes and shares.  So we were manipulated; so what?  

Facebook continues to be an evolving digital organism that many of us will never be able to conceptualize what the end result might look like; and even Facebook probably doesn’t have a good grasp on that either.  What they do know is we are hungry…ravenous…to engage with each other and are happy to share ALL our likes and dislikes as freely as farting in a strong wind where it disappears quickly.

Rather, spend time looking at what you and your friends share on Facebook.  As long as it’s meaningful to your personal and professional life, doesn’t squander positive energy you’ve put out into the day (< – – trust me this is a bigger issue than this data-use study hoopla) and you aren’t paying out-of-pocket for this service, then I suggest not worrying too much about the study.

The only way you’re going to slow Facebook down is to share less and with 1.3B users; call me crazy but I don’t see that happening in the near future.  Instead, don’t get caught up in the ruckus of the media hype and concentrate your efforts to stay positive on Facebook rather than feed negative energy (a/k/a more visceral data) to this media mogul.

Have a Bigger, Better, more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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