So…is your content like the #FourthOfJuly or the Fifth?

Is your content booming or fizzling?I love fireworks.

I should clarify that statement.  I love fireworks… on the Fourth of July. Otherwise, I hate fireworks.  At 12:01am on the fifth of July, my disdain for fireworks begins.  So how can just a few hours make a difference?  Why is the love / hate thing so conditional?  How does this have anything to do with social media content?

We all love to receive “Happy Birthday” notices on LinkedIn and Facebook.  You get so excited when people are posting about you on your special day.  But the warm fuzzy feeling loses its touch when someone posts a day after your birthday, two days after, etc.  It just doesn’t have the same punch to it.  Why?  You’re over it; you’ve moved on to something else.  It’s all about the timing.

Marketing on social media is the same way.  It’s always about the timing and that’s why social media marketers HATE two things:  algorithms and assholes.  Algorithms mess up the natural flow of timely, relevant information.  This calculation drummed up by companies to place information when and where they want it is equivalent to a warm fuzzy buzz-kill.  Assholes do the same thing because they are insensitive to others, perceptions, events going on and just put slap crap up out there.  Both are hard to control and difficult to deal with each day.

For example, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  What an awful, tragic event.  I went onto our content marketing dashboard that day and deleted all the life insurance posts.  This was not a day to to be talking about insurance planning.  I didn’t want the company I work for to appear insensitive, especially as we issued a note from our CEO on the sadness we felt for the lives affected by the day’s events.  Truly awful.  Then, the algorithm decided to take content from our previous day [it had life insurance articles in it] and started featuring them in the newsfeed of our Facebook followers.  That algorithm made my company appear to be a jerk.  Argh – frustrating!

Again, like the fireworks going off on Independence Day, it’s all about the timing.  Great content goes out on time and is relevant to the day, event, situation, etc.  Poor content marketing is done when either (a) you have no idea what you’re doing and just sticking stuff out there and/or (b) algorithms mess up your intended strategy.  Either way, you quickly become the fireworks on the fifth of July, which nobody really thinks about or wants.

Be thoughtful with your content and share articles when they are relevant and helpful, not just because you feel like you need to stick something out there.  Understanding the importance of timing is important to successfully talking about your business and value proposition with your target audience.

In every opportunity be a giant Roman candle going all bizarre and crazy on Fourth of the July and not a bottlerocket dud that fizzles on the fifth.

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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