Did that REALLY just happen?

I thought you were an expert?I believe this picture appropriately describes the faces of those who watched the scores rack up from the Brazil vs. Germany soccer game yesterday.  #SMH – it must be tough waking up today and being a Brazilian soccer player.  They went out onto that soccer field thinking they were the elite players and promptly got handed their behinds in a matter of just minutes.  The point of today’s post is that we can get ourselves in trouble if we are too cocky about what we do.

This soccer game was an appropriate example of why I despise the word “expert”.  Who qualifies you for that title?  I would be embarrassed to put that word on my LinkedIn profile, yet I see people doing it all the time.  Really?  Isn’t that kind of cocky?

Going into each day, I look at each of those 24 hours as an opportunity to learn something new and to help someone be better.  Working in the financial services community – learning and serving – that is what we do.  The word “expert” has no place in an education and servant-oriented field of work and needs to be put to rest [much like the Brazilians think that World Cup game needs to be, I’m sure].

Think about what you do each day.  If you find you’re being a little cocky about something; be prepared.  A humbling moment is just around the corner to ground you.  Get ahead of the curve, let go of your expertise and just be a regular person like the rest of us:  ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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