Do you need to go to RT Anonymous?

Do not be a RT Anonymous member!I’m on Twitter the other night chatting with different people about different things.  For these interactions alone, I love Twitter.  Its transparency is refreshing and engaging.  You can meet new people, find new things to talk about and really develop some funny, witty, intellectual conversations in just 140 characters or less.

Then you stumble upon a RTer and it can blow the experience.  Retweeting (RT) is a common and appreciated practice when done correctly.  I’ve been RTed by celebrities, authorities on different topics and even my husband – – and all have made my day!  I’ve also been RTed by those who abuse the RT function and think, “Why are you doing that?

If you are new to Twitter please know there is an unwritten map that goes with the network.  Not real helpful, is it?  Twitter to me is like going to St. Louis, MO.  If you are new to St. Louis and someone says they are coming back from”The Hill” or they headed to “The Valley” or are going to “St. Louis” — none of those things are actually found on a map.  The Hill is an area in St. Louis County where a large Italian population resides and has some great restaurants.  The Valley is an area in Chesterfield, MO where there are a lot shopping malls.  Everyone says they are going to “St. Louis”, but they really aren’t headed to the city but some place like Maryland Heights, Spanish Lake, Berkeley, etc.  Twitter is just like this.

I would encourage anyone new to using Twitter to partner with someone who has a lot of experience with the network and ask for help.  For example, RTing everything you see because you discovered the RT option is not good practice.  Someone needs to tell you this though.  There is a purpose for this function and you need to learn about it.  There are lots of great articles about Twitter out there, spend time learning how to use Twitter, but spend more time practicing.

For those who are using the RT button a little too much, I have been making subtle comments to help guide them toward proper use.  There are still others who need a trip to RT Anonymous though.  Don’t be a member of that club, please!

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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