Don’t be so busy learning that you don’t have time to be doing. @BruceVH

Just Do It Already!This is the message I want all my financial service professional friends to hear loud and clear.  It’s very important because I want you to be successful in implementing social media into your practices.  I share this because I love our field of work so dearly!

I am passionate about seeing your craft and knowledge be shared with hundreds, potentially thousands, of people in a given moment.  I get up every day and am booming with pride about the importance of the planning be done, products that help fund the planning and the ultimate peace of mind made possible because of the services you bring to the table each and every day.  I really mean this – thank you!

What is frustrating though is seeing all of this talent being held back because there is this idea of perfectionism in the wings that must be achieved before you move forward and start connecting with people on LinkedIn, or making friends with people on Facebook, or sending a tweet out on Twitter.  Why?  Be a Nike commercial and Just Do It!

When I work with advisors, insurance carriers, registered reps on the phone they are very enthusiastic about social media marketing:  how it can reach so many people, amplify messages and start making a difference in their practice.  Then they get bogged down with the educational part of it, so much so, they never actually get to implement anything.  It feels like you’re doing something because you’re learning, but you’re doing nothing when you don’t use the skills you’re learning.

We all fall into these traps with different things, but I’m here to help you.  Please use the information I share and start doing something.  I might be putting an update on LinkedIn twice a week – yeah!  It might be updating your Facebook profile picture – yeah!  It might even be setting a Google Alert to watch your clients – wow!  But don’t be so busy learning that you don’t have time to be doing.  That’s a huge loss to you and the people you might be reaching and I want you all to be big winners!

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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