When “Thanks” is just not enough…

Yeah, no...I’ve seen a plethora of responses on LinkedIn as I’m an avid user.  Personally I believe LinkedIn is one of the best networking platforms out there if you’re in the B2B world, like me.  But, there is one answer that really gets my goat and it’s the use of the word “Thanks”.  Are you kidding me?

We are all busy people.  Like you, I have more on plate than should be allowed.  However, I make it a point every day to send out my “Happy Birthday” letters and “Congratulation” notices and always write out a personalized message and ask them a question like, “How have things been?”  or “Hey, tell me about your recent vacation.”  When I get back a message that simply says, “Thanks” I feel a little burned.

That person really didn’t mean “thanks” – they meant, “I”m too busy to respond or have a conversation with you, but I feel obligated to send you a note back so here is my ‘thanks’.”  Why even bother?

I share this with you so you don’t make the mistake of doing this.  If someone sends you a note wishing you good health, good tiding, congratulations, etc. be thoughtful that the person used THEIR “productively active” time (we don’t say “busy” at our company) to think of you.  If that person is not worthy of your time in returning a proper message, why be connected to them in the first place?

“Thanks” is simply not an appropriate response in these instances.  If you don’t have time the time to be in a relationship with someone, then disconnect and move on.  Spend your time on the right people for your business…and sanity!

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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