Selective Short-Term Memory Issues

Selective Memory IssuesI know a lot about short-term memory issues.  I was a life insurance underwriting consultant for many years.  If I gave an advisor a great offer, I would be thanked and they would move on to the next case.  If I gave an advisor a crummy offer (or the worst – had to decline), they would remember that stinky offer for years and years.  They would remind me even if the client died from the exact condition we couldn’t insure.  Well, social media has a very similar process.

Due to the degrading platforms that social networking is built on, you could potentially put something on social media that is never seen or interacted with…and if that happens to be a mistake of some sort (you tweeted from the wrong account, misspelled something, etc.) then whew – you got away with it.  But you can’t count on this type of posting tactics.  Asking for forgiveness is a tricky and somewhat dangerous way of engaging in social media.

My only warning here is approach posting with some caution.  I don’t want to scare advisors from using social media, but put thought into your post before you publish it.  Grammar, misspellings, context, etc. all need to be considered in our world as we are looked at by consumers as “professionals” and anything that could mar that perception could affect our business…even our community of professionals.

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day1

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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