Let kindness prevail

If you only had a heartMuch like everyone else, I lurk on certain social networking sites to just see what the topic of the day is.  Have you noticed the level of poo-poo posts that are up?  There seems to be a barrage of cheeky, back-handed comments these days and I want to set the record straight.   Those in the financial services community need to understand this loud and clear:  Hurt people react negatively and kind people know this. 

Facebook is especially wired to draw emotions out of people.  Being a predominantly personal networking site, its whole purpose for existing is to draw as much information out of you so it can use the information for a plethora of different agendas.  In essence, Facebook WANTS to hear your hurts, hang-ups and heartache, but strong users of social media know this and behave differently.

Having a heart means you validate the person’s feelings but you take the high road and do not engage in anything that produces negative results.  It means avoiding the rants that might get your belly fired up so you can remain neutral in the eyes of your followers, fans and connections.  It’s very important to really understand this.

The Wizard of Oz  is a fantastic way to look at social media.  Dorothy goes on this supernatural journey and if you look back at the story you see more quickly how much true kindness she has in her.  She constructively argues out different points all the while maintaining a well-crafted kindness toward each person she encounters in Oz…even the Wicked Witch.

Constructively ‘arguing’ a point in a LinkedIn group of financial services professionals is one thing.  Being on Facebook and ‘arguing’ with potential clients or direct competitors is entirely different.  Additionally, engaging with someone’s feelings on a topic is a recipe for disaster.  Feelings just exist; be considerate of them.  If we do not take time to understand the differences, we are going to look like the Wicked Witch of the West on the outside instead of the Tin Man in search of his heart.

Have a bigger, better and more BIONIC day!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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