Show you care by staying aware – Success Stories using #GoogleAlerts

Make smart use of Google Alerts!I have a Google Alert set-up for everything…or at least I think I do until I think of another way to use them and then add that to my watch list. These alerts help keep me in front of important people and ideas.  I want to share a recent success story with you.

I have Google Alerts set-up to watch for different awards being given out in the financial services community.  There are a variety of reasons why:  the number of lives touched, the pro bono work an office does, how long someone has been an insurance advisor, etc.  These awards recognize professionals in my community for the difference they are making and that is important for me to know about that and say, “Thank you!”

Recently, I made contact with an advisor we had not spoken to in a while.  Seasons and reasons cause people to fall out-of-touch and there is no excuse really; we should stay in front of all of our folks.  This advisor had been recognized for some work he had done in his community.  I reached out to connect on LinkedIn and congratulated him for making a difference.

That one small gesture lead to further talks about his social media use, which lead to another talk about a case he was working on, which lead to introducing him to other colleagues of mine.  The relationship is now rekindled with a strong lesson for me fanning the flames of future business:  I showed I cared by staying aware and it probably wouldn’t have happened without Google Alerts.

Google is the world’s number one search engine.  Making use of its many splendid products is smart – especially when prospecting.  You simply go to and set up an account (no – you do not have to have a Gmail account, but it sure is helpful if you do).  You can read more about how to use Alerts here:  My goal in this blog is to educate that there is a way to show you care by staying aware.  Let technology help you do that!

How many of you are using Google Alerts today?  If so, are you maximizing the care you are showing your clients by staying aware of what is going on in their personal and professional lives?  There are success stories around using Google Alerts and I would love to hear from you about them!

Make your day bigger, better and more BIONIC!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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