Know Something Nobody Else Knows

What's the Secret of Your Success?It was 1987 and Michael J. Fox was tearing up the movie theaters.  Let’s see, I was 16 years old when The Secret of My Success came out and after watching it, I really did believe that I could do and be anything I wanted to…there was just one little problem:  I didn’t know something nobody else knew at that time.  Rats!

That’s a really important part of the success equation.  When Aristotle Onassis shared this success secret, I’m not sure a lot of people realized that it would be the difference in people making it…or more likely, not.

It would be many years later as I started working in financial services that I would realize that at the core of my DNA, I’m a connector.  This would become my differential.  When social media took hold, I was an early adopter and it made  my connection speed, numbers and overall reach become exponential.  This is where I believe the secret of not only my success lies, but with the financial services community as a whole.

There is something special each advisor I meet has inside of them to share with the world.  You each know something nobody else knows  – and that is powerful stuff!  Leveraging social media to expand that knowledge is key to sharing the secret of your success.

Take the time each day to learn something new about social media – and feel free to ask me, I want to help you!  Sharing your talent is an integral part of fulfilling your life’s purpose!  Channel your inner Michael J. Fox!!

Make your day bigger, better and more BIONIC!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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