…and then I met @AnnHandley.

Get to know Ann Handley!A year ago, I attended a MarketingProfs webinar and heard Ann Handley present on content marketing.  Quite honestly, I knew nothing much about her except that she came highly recommended as a content marketing expert (she’s actually a goddess…but that’s another topic) and that I should catch one of her presentations.  You would never know that she was an accomplished author, dynamic keynote speaker or silly social media queen either.  Nope – she was professional, business-like…and then I met the real Ann Handley.

During this webinar, Ann was telling a marketing story that somehow correlated to her daughter.  She went off topic for a moment, telling a tale about her child and outside of the fact that she referred to her kid as a “bad ass” which I thought was so cool as a parent, she went on to describe how every human was flawesome.

That term, right there, actually changed my life and she doesn’t really know it until today.

Flawed, yet awesome – human beings continue to drive us nuts and delight, make us laugh and cry, keep us guessing or perform on queue.  Flawesome is about understanding those blessed screwups and reminded me:  I’m one of those folks.  This changed me profoundly:  how I did business…gave me permission to fail…granted me more opportunities to forgive…made me laugh at myself more often…and made me love my friends and family more authentically.

Have you ever watched the show Ridiculousness?  It’s a brilliant display of capturing the exact moment of someone doing something off-the-wall crazy.  You laugh and think, “What a moron?” or “Darn the luck!”  These are incredibly timed snippets catching someone doing something so flawed, yet awesome at that same time.  How many times have we all thought, “If I only had a picture of that!” or “Argh – why didn’t I make a video of that?

Flawesomeness is for every community of professionals and financial services is no different.  Between our rules, regulations, guidelines, expectations, etc. I think a whoopsie-daisy moment might wiggle in there.  Our flawed, yet exquisitely awesome, folks are going to expose their humanness and make errors; especially when learning how to use social media marketing in their business.  Forgive yourself, forgive others, move forward.

I encourage you to make being flawesome a part of your daily practice.  It makes you more interesting, less disingenuous and someone more likely people will want to do business with in the community.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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