Who’s got the tech talent? K-I-D-S do!

The Whiz Kids - are we making sure we know them better?How many of you remember this toy?

When I was a kid I was fascinated with tech toys like this but I never got a Talking Whiz Kid because they were too expensive.  My father, an engineer at McDonnell Douglas who was off designing aircraft all day with lots of techy things in them, wouldn’t spring the bucks for me to have this cool “computer”.  Nope – I ended up sitting in the Spencer Creek Library in St. Peters, MO every Saturday reading books.

I’m fairly certain my father made the right choice in dropping me at the library every weekend morning, but I had an early fascination with using technology to learn about new things that I never really shook.  It’s interesting to me that I’ve come full circle to be in the career I am right now and grateful that things have a way of working out in the end.

Reading the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal yesterday, I came upon on article called “Tech Talent Hunt Tries New Ventures:  Middle School”.  This caught my eye and after reading it, I have to say this makes total sense.  Scouting talent from middle schools is the progression of technology – kids are digital natives, so why not?

So, how does ANY of this have ANYTHING to do with financial services, right?  A lot more than you might realize.

About a year ago I started speaking at the local Fort Wayne High Schools, talking to kids about what I do as a social media manager, what the company I work for does as a financial service organization and how these kids can make a difference.  My takeaway from those talks was priceless.  These kids will tell you lots of ways to sharpen your social media skills in just a short amount of time.  They also understand more about financial planning than we give them credit for too.

As a community of professionals we must tap into our youth for a variety of reasons.  If you respect companies like Apple as a brand, and they are making their way into schools to lift talent up so early, why can’t we do the same thing?

  • Have you thought about going into schools and speaking about financial planning?
  • Have you attempted to get your child involved with helping you with your social media needs?

What a great way to marry what we do as a profession to what they know and are exposed to as youth?  Take advantage of this, I tell ya!  Kids needs us just as much as we need them.  I’m not ashamed to say my three children (ages 25, 19 and 16) know more about some things than I do.  I want to learn from them.

So who’s got the tech talent?  K-I-D-S do – – and we need to humble ourselves to ask them to help us for a change.  Let’s go do a Rambo on our industry…do things differently…talk about stuff in a new way.  Break through the pride, designations and fear of the unknown and start making a real impact in our communities.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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