How do we make Financial Services the new #Bacon? servicesWhen I walk into a diner, I’m not looking for a quaint atmosphere, servers running around delivering syrup-soaked pancakes or whether they have a display case of freshly baked goodies you can buy by the slice or whole pie.  Nope – I just want to walk in and smell some bacon.  That’s how I judge a good diner.

Bacon has an incredible following in our world today.  Places like Pinterest have so many boards dedicated to bacon.  If you went to Twitter today, there is a whole hashtag called #Baconnected with people talking about bacon.  Facebook has lots of funny images (like the one I shared today) about the betterment of life because of bacon.  Mmm…am I making you hungery?

So how do we make financial services the new bacon?  We all need to be pondering this and coming up with radically new ideas on promoting the incredible value our community brings to the proverbial table.  It’s way better than a slab of freshly cooked bacon!

Think about all the things your financial services practice should envelope:  Helping others achieve their goals, Bringing peace of mind when individuals, families and businesses need reassurance, Planning for new events like starting a business or building a family.  We are so much cooler than some pig!

What does changing your business model entail to accomplish this?  It could mean getting away from just managing assets and start helping to manage lifestyles.  Many have gotten away from having “the talk” about insurance with folks and I think that’s a very fine line some are walking when the thought of “due diligence” comes into question.  Maybe it’s better stated this way:  If you client walks into your office today, their spouse or their business has a problem and they ask you the question, “Am I going to be ok?” do you have an answer for this?  Work that question backward in each of your client’s planning and make sure their bases are covered.

C’mon on and claim it – we ARE the new bacon!  Seize the opportunity to bring more to the kitchen table.  Let’s give that swine a run for his rump!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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