Are you being a #SocialMedia jerk?

Don't be a jerk!I see it all the time.  People who probably mean well on social media, but instead, do things that qualify them as being “jerky”.  These are the same folks who then wonder why their social media time isn’t producing a return.  Some examples:

  • LinkedIn:  You want to connect with someone and you send the standard “I want to connect with you” note that the platform populates.  Ew.
  • Facebook:  You have your Twitter account attached to it and it autopopulates everything you post on Facebook to Twitter.  Why?
  • Twitter:  You are still using auto direct messages.  Who does that?
  • Pinterest:  Someone repins from your board and you don’t thank them.  No no!

Guilty?  Are you a culprit?  I’m here to tell you that you can recover from being a jerk by stopping these few things today and start learning a new way to authentically engage with your audience.

For starters:

  • If you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn, write them a nice note.  Why send a note that looks like the other 300 million users?
  • If you have your Facebook connected to your Twitter account, well turn that off now!  Go here if you’ve forgotten how to disconnect them.
  • If you have your Twitter account set-up to send a direct message to every follower, holy cannoli turn it off immediately!  Go here for directions on getting that done ASAP!
  • If you have someone repin from your Pinterest board, go to their board where the pin is now located (it will be in the link from the email that Pinterest sends you) and make a comment that simply says “Thanks!”

Social media is a conversation.  If you’re automating everything, that’s not very conversational is it?  People want to connect and engage with you.  If what you’re doing in the social space signifies “You’re a bother to my day” then who would want to come back?  This hinders ROI and makes all the social media efforts you’ve put in worth very little.

Think about each interaction.  Personalize the conversation every way that you can.  Watch the value of your social media marketing soar!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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