Raise the roof for @EvShear of @CrossleyShear! [H/T to @Wealth_Mgmt!]

Raise the Roof to Advisors Who GET Social Media!You know those moments when you are reading along through an article and you say to yourself, “This person GETS it!”  Yeah, that happened this morning at the office.

Many of you send me articles about social media and financial services and want to know if they are good advice or bad advice.  I read pretty much every one of them (keep ’em coming!).  I like to believe there are great people out there giving you great advice!!

Today, a colleague forwarded me an article written by Lauren Barack and published by WealthMangement.com and  I was clapping my hands at my desk out loud (way better than any written LOL) about a wonderful social media success story.  [By the way, we need more of these to share.]

Thank you to Evan Shear with Crossley Shear Wealth Management for having the courage to tell other advisors they are fools to ignore social media.  That could not have rolled off your tongue easily with peers in the room.

When working with advisors on social media assistance, my main goal is always helping them not just realize the potential of social media (I actually believe many of them get this part) but the negative implications of ignoring it altogether.  As a group of professionals, we must collectively understand how these platforms offer data-rich social signals that catapult advisors into a new level of financial service consultancy – they become friends with their clients.  What a concept, right?

I encourage you to read the article and again, I applaud Ev’s comment, Your clients are someone else’s prospects.”  So true, so true!  I also want to give an enormous shout out to my friend, Dan Swift, at LinkedIn who empowered the advisors at the SIMFA’s social media webinar to “work” those connections:  imagine a social media professional telling you to take your online connections offline!  Ask them for the appointment; have a coffee and really get to know them better.

Bigger, better and more BIONIC stuff is coming for everyone in financial services.  Are you ready?

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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