“I get all of these social media notifications. What am I supposed to do with them?”

All these notifications - what now?Are you in data overload?  I hope it’s comforting to know we all are!  For every platform you are in,there is some form of notification (push, email, etc.) that tells you about an upcoming birthday, a job change, a work anniversary, a check-in.  You get all of these social media notifications and start thinking, “What am I supposed to do with them?”

There are a lot of notifications that are actually relevant to financial service practices and will help develop relationships with your clients.

Some examples:

  • LinkedIn sends you a daily notification of birthdays, work changes and work anniversaries: use them!  Make sure you’re updating your CRM system to keep track of these important dates.
  • Facebook pushes birthday reminders too, but also allows you to see your clients’ ‘talk’ about their kids’ birthdays, champion soccer games and the loss of a dear friend or loved one.
  • Twitter updates you to say who’s following you.  You can then make sure you’re following your clients back and read what they’re talking about with others.
  • Pinterest tells you who repinned your stuff.  Are these possible clients you could meet and the bonus is they share a similar interest as you?
  • Swarm tells you where your friends checked-in for dinner, shopping, etc. and could give you great insight to fabulous gift card ideas or appreciation dinner options.

The list could go on and on, but the point of this is to remind there is valuable data in much of these notifications.  The notifications are there to help you become a more connected advisor to your clients and their specific experience, needs and objectives.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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