We’re only human…it’s amazing what happens when marketing remembers this

I travel a lot.  In 2014, I spoke in 10 different states and drove or flew through more than 20 different states in my travels.  For all the people who trek through airports, you would think humans matter quite a bit to them, right? Nope – we are just a form of luggage, carted from vessel-to-vessel without a lot of thought being put into the money we spent to travel, the experiences for the first time travelers, the families or friends we left behind.  Up up and away, blech!

Then Schiphol and KLM came along and in this 2 minute video you are quickly reminded that human connection can happen not only for this carrier, but it’s possible for all industries.  When the airline stopped and remembered these are human beings, look at what they were able to accomplish?  As this Convince and Convert article reminds, “The best stories are often deeply personal.”

As you look at the business you’re working on now and in the new year, how can you make it more personal?  I mean, we are already dealing with client’s families – businesses – finances – futures, but dig deep:  How can you make this a real experience for your clients?

One of the things I’m deeply guilty of is talking about financial services too business-like.  I have this deep-rooted due diligence that keeps saying, “Be businesslike, Brown!” but everything else in me screams “They’re just people!  Knock it off!”  The trials and tribulations of an independent insurance advisor!

Ask your most loyal clients why they stay?  Survey them and get to the meat-n-potatoes of why they choose you, why YOU?  Then replicate that experience with others but remember to customize it to each client to meet their need.  Unique touches makes your business offering unique.  That’s stickiness, but it starts with remembering we are all just a bunch of humans exchanging experiences.  Don’t over think it or make it more complicated.

Human business – what a concept, right?

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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