What @PennHolderness and @KimJDean are teaching us about creativity through #JammieTime

I admit when I’m wrong – and here I am…eating crow about the Holderness family.

Last year, I was a little turned off by the #JammieTime YouTube video where this very creative family with Penn Holderness and Kim Holderness featured their kids, where the lived, etc. in a Christmas video that went viral.  Truly, I approached my concern from a space of worry about their kids and any weirdos out there….but that worry has now turned into marketing jealousy on how such the simple idea (notice I didn’t say “easy” because there is nothing easy about making a video, I know this!) of changing up a well-known R.E.M. song to provide a glance back into their lives has once again gone crazy well.  Well done, Holderness family!

What #JammieTime taught me was to stop worrying so much and let my creativity flow…yes, even in the conservative world of financial services.  I write differently a year later because of folks like the Holdernesses who empowered me to be real and tell the stories as I would when speaking on stage.  If someone is a naysayer, who cares?

Watch the video – relish in the fun this family is having – clap for their successes and then apply their lessons to your practice.  How will you be different this year?  Is fear holding you back from being a little more creative?  Where can you make some tweaks and keep true to your message?

I’m Holderness-ing your feet to the flame in 2015!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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