Why we need to get over the money! (Thank you @The_Kate_Holmes!)

Why money isn't everythingRaise your hand if you’ve ever felt like a therapist when meeting with your clients?  Have you ever witnessed an argument between spouses about how money will be spent?  When was the last time you refereed a fight between business owners?  This happens more often than we care to admit in financial planning.

I recently read an article by Kate Holmes of Belmore Financial about a novel concept:  Stop Talking About Money.  Every week, I support this concept when I remind financial professionals to connect with clients on social media so we can Stop Talking About Money and start talking about other things that matter even more.

One of my favorite movies, For Richer or Poorer, with Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley does just this.  On the verge of divorce, characters Brad and Caroline Sexton begin a crazy run from the law through Amish country to hide.  It’s completely silly and downright fictitious, but the plot marries closely to what Kate Holmes suggests in her article.  When The Sextons had to forcibly remove themselves from the greed, the daily hustle, etc. an Amish community was able to show them what really mattered in their lives.  As a financial planner, you can totally relate to this.  You might be able to help a client get down to some really challenging questions about what they REALLY want and offer them some life-changing advice that they couldn’t come to on their own.

  • Have challenging conversations with your clients
  • Go with your gut; share what you’re seeing and feeling to help clients be better
  • Advise on areas that have the potential to scar a client; be their advocate when they might be short-sighted

If you’ve not watched the movie – watch it.  You’ll gain a new appreciation for the difference of “Mornin‘!” vs. “Afternoon!” too.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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