So this lady walks into a doctor’s office…

Go home doctor, you're drunk.Ok…the lady “might” have been me.  You caught me!  I walked into the doctor’s office this week and saw this sign and immediately thought, “I’m totally going to use my cell phone now!”  I might be a grown-up, but it doesn’t mean my actions are!

In 2015, I feel confident that phones are not going to be put away, much less turned off.  So why even put this sign up?  Or how long has the sign been there (notice the phone picture used – circa 1996)?  Isn’t it high time to take the sign down?

I share this with you as I worry about financial advisors and their practices.  It leaves me to wonder:

  • What instructional signs are still hanging around your office that are out-of-date?  [Please tell me you do not have one of these cell phone signs!] If you can’t “see” them, invite your preteen and teenage children to spend the day at the office and point out areas that are completely irrelevant.  It’s likely you don’t even see the signs anymore.  You’ll be shocked at what they see versus what you see!
  • What instructional signs are missing around your office?  What about a Facebook check-in sticker for your front door or window?  What about social media icons in your email signatures?  Do you look up-to-date or out-of-place?
  • What kinds of magazines are lying around your waiting area?  Are these magazines the ones clients would actually WANT to look at while in your office [Amazon shows magazines like The New Yorker and WIRED are super popular] or are do you have magazines out that you think make you “look” smarter?

This is an incredibly hard and kind of daring task, but your clients will be grateful that you made your interactions and office places that respect their time and intellect vs. a place to momentarily house them until they are ushered into your office or conference room.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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