Did @Pepsi and #LiveForNow just pull a Thirteen Going on 30? (H/T to @adage on this!)

jennifer garnerJust silently raise your hand that you saw the movie “Thirteen Going On 30” with Jennifer Garner.  I know you did.

For those not willing to admit it, Garner plays this wonderful character named Jenna Rink who has her thirteenth birthday party with all the cool kids, but after a game of Seven Seconds in Heaven is magically transported in time to a thirty year old and working in advertising at a fashion magazine in New York.  She wins the movie over when she later is tasked with changing the whole feel of the magazine from hoity-toity to local girl-next-door and experiences epic success.  [She also gets the boy in the end too.]  Ah – a feel good movie!

So, did Pepsi just pull their own Thirteen Going on 30?  And how does this affect financial service organizations?

In E.J. Schultz’s Ad Age article titled No Omnicom, No Beyonce:  Pepsi Taps Small Shops for New Global Ads, he shares how Pepsi ditched the megastars for the little people – you know, the ones that look like they live next door to you; the ones that look more and more like our clients in our financial service offices.  A HUGE applaud for a giant brand recognizing that we (the” little people”) can sell some soda too!  Woot woot woot to Kristin Patrick (PepsiCo’s CMO)!

I believe most people enjoy seeing financial service organizations who use everyday people on their websites and print work.  For example, Ash Brokerage Corporation’s website features videos of real people as their banner ads – and I love it!  [Yes, I work there, but I still love the website which was launched just last summer.]  You get a “feel” for the people we want to impact.  I also think carriers like New York Life and their #KeepGoodGoing ads as well as American Family and #LongLiveDreams have been using every day people doing every day things and making their lives extraordinary.  Who doesn’t want a big fat piece of that?

The financial services community has been working with and protecting the little people for so long.  Be sure to welcome Pepsi to the neighborhood – it’s a good place to be.  Ba ba ba ba ba!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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