All You Need Is Love…Insurance (Thanks #Beatles!)

BeatlesHow many of you are truly surprised to already see Valentine’s stuff in the store?  I mean, how many of you are thinking, “We just had Christmas.  Can you give it a second!?”  I know, right?

However, did you know every day in the financial services world it’s Valentine’s Day for us though?  When we write an insurance policy, isn’t it really a Love Insurance policy?  Even if the situation is something as dismal as a divorce can be, aren’t the partners really saying, “I am buying this coverage to celebrate the love we shared and want to be sure you’re going to be ok if something happens to me.”  It’s all about the love we feel for each other.

Business owners may not even consider what they have for their different investment partners as “love”, but it still is.  Many different times I’ve encountered clients who had buy/sell agreements that went unfunded, business owners without key man policies on their brightest talent and succession plans that needed a vehicle. Once we point out these areas where there’s a risk that needs to be filled and the coverage is obtained, wasn’t it a type of love that drove that insurance purchase?  Of course!  If they didn’t care (and some do not!) then they would leave the area of risk exposed.

Today we celebrate the day The Beatles came to America and I’m grateful that John Lennon wrote the words, “All You Need Is Love” because he’s right.  Love is all you need.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today.

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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