Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be Harry Potter? H/T to @RebekahRadice

magicVernon Dursley was the Muggle uncle of Harry Potter.  In the Sorcerer’s Stone, Uncle Vernon emphatically yells at Harry Potter, “There’s no such thing as magic!” yet we know he’s wrong…he’s so wrong.  Magic can exist!

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be Harry Potter?  I think we might be able to help you get pretty close to experiencing that with some social media trickery.

Rebekah Radice has an older blog article from November 2013 titled, “52 Unique Ways to Create Social Media Magic”.  I almost completely dismissed it because of the title.  I’m human and I’m picky about titles.  I’m turned off when I see two things in article titles:

  • Buzzfeed methods of grabbing attention (13 ways to do this, 17 ways to do that…ugh)
  • Sensationalizing words (magical, powerful, ridiculously…double ugh)

But…I also admit when I’m wrong!  Although the list might be old, much of what she is sharing is very helpful.  I encourage you to read the full article but I want to zero in on her first point as it has a lot to do with financial advisors and optimizing your social media bio’s and using keywords.

Please, please please!   Make the very best use of your social media bio on each platform.  For example:

  • LinkedIn:  The four areas that absolutely are critical to be completed are the Professional Headline (that area under your name), a Summary written in first person,  your Experience written in first person and How to Contact You.  I see many errors being made in these spaces and they are keeping you from getting the best return.  If you want to look at my profile, feel free to see how I’ve set mine up.  You can also come out to AshBrokerage.com and watch playbacks of webinars where we’ve talked about filling out your profile completely.  This was solid advice Rebekah provides in her blog.


  • Twitter:  The enter platform is built on brevity – so get to the point!  Use your bio in a way that allows you to have fun, yet tells the story of who you are.  I’m in financial services, but I’m also really into writing, speaking and dogs.  It’s ok to tell that part of the story too!


  • Instagram:  You’ve got a little more space to tell your story, but make the story interesting and fun!  Use the space – that’s what it’s there for!


  • Facebook:  It’s another place for you to tell people what you do!  Pull all your positions in because you never know who you’re going to connect with that might want your services.  Use your profiles!


  • Pinterest:  You want to connect all your social media profiles and tell some fun stuff about yourself, while using all of the space. Pinterest has been a remarkable way for me to meet others, yes – even in the financial services area, through pictures!  Try it out!



You’re given ample space in each platform – use it!  Find the words that best describe what you do and make those keywords part of your content, littering your profiles with them every where you go.

If you have questions, let me know.  I want to see you be successful with this very important part of your social media marketing though.  Optimize!!  And a round of applause for Rebekah’s great blog!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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