Power and Adversity – with a H/T to @InsuranceCoachU

lincolnToday, we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and I have to tell you, I am pretty sure he’s one of those people where everything he ever said could be a quotable?  Can I get a witness?  I admire that ability in a person.  Happy Birthday, President Lincoln!

Last month, I was reading NAIFA‘s Advisor Today and came across a great article by Robert Arzt that spoke about “Making Great Things Happen in 2015” and it really reached out and grabbed my attention.  You see, everything he has shared in the article is so simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s so easy.  Changing habits is hard…really hard.

This is where Lincoln’s quote comes in handy.  Change is hard enough…add power to this.  Without structure, it can almost hamper change even more.  Robert’s five suggestions to help you achieve success in 2015 also apply to your social media needs for your business:

  1. Adopt a “whatever it takes” attitude.  You can’t just keep pushing social media away from your attention because it seems overwhelming.  Doing this can make your business appear to irrelevant, old and stodgy.  Instead, develop that “can do” attitude that Robert talks about and be willing to attack learning something new this year!  If you have questions, reach out to me – I am happy to help!
  2. Reality check – it won’t be easy.  I know I alluded to this above, but it’s great that Robert reiterates it in the suggestions. This is my number one reason I detest those “experts” in social media who try to make advisors feel like they have to be everywhere online to be successful.  Pure rubbish!  Telling advisors this makes social media appear more overwhelming than it really is.  Granted, it’s not easy to learn anything new, but pick ONE platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and start learning something about it.  It won’t be easy, but you will start getting further ahead by making a plan to start now!
  3. Become very detail-oriented.  When you’re online, you can really  listen to what people are interested in, what they are doing in their lives and how you can help them.  Paying attention to Facebook announcements tells you when there’s a life-changing event (babies, funerals, etc.).  Watching the conversations on Twitter allows you to see what people are interested in.  Connecting with clients on LinkedIn gives you a window into job changes or promotions.  All of these are opportunities to engage with your clients, but it requires being detail-oriented.
  4. Be aware of negative self-talk.  This is one that many miss in the social space.  Notice how many times you say things like, “I hope…” or “I need to…” or “I wish…”  Those are all negative points.  We all have times where we feel this, but instead have to have the confidence to say things like, “I am…” or “We will…” or “They did…”  It makes a big difference!
  5. Be self-disciplined.  You got this!  You will find the time to add a social media plan to your overall business’s plan this year.  You will take on learning new things and stretching yourself.  Remember, self-discipline is always the differentiator in successful individuals.

I am grateful to have found Robert’s article and ask that you take time to read it and see how his suggestions apply to your current plans.  You never know, something small mentioned might be the big change you were looking for in 2015!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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