Sticky…no sticky. But no sticky…STICKY!

dadI have to give a shout-out to my daddy, Daymon Brown.  He recently celebrated his 76th birthday last week and he’s been on my mind!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

When I was a kid, I really thought he was not all that smart (sorry, Dad if you’re reading this!)  My dad was a little more ‘at one’ with nature than most and admittedly by him, my father is pretty “country”.  Just the way he likes it!  (Don’t get him going about catalpa trees!)

You can ask my dad all kind of questions that have to do with the land, wildlife and especially the weather and patterns…and he will have a country answer for them.  (And yes, the Farmer’s Almanac takes up permanent residence in the Brown house!)  But, I bet my dad didn’t realize he knew the answer to good social media strategy though.  Let me explain.

Growing up just outside of St. Louis, we lived in an unincorporated area that received its fair amount of snow.  We couldn’t depend on snowplows to come save us. Understanding if the snow was going to stick around was critical to our getting around on the streets and he knew how to tell.  My dad always reminded, “Sticky…no sticky.  But no sticky…STICKY!”  I will translate:  Sticky snow is not sticking around.  It’s heavy, filled with water and will melt pretty quickly…so don’t worry about it.  But that light, flouncy snow that comes down and seems to blow around and isn’t sticky at all…you’re warned:  that stuff is sticking around!

Well guess what?  Your social media strategy should be the same way.

People think if they go on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and dump shloads (<–that’s not misspelled!)  of what they think is sticky stuff on you in the social space like:

  • Posting too much about their business
  • Telling you all about what they know
  • Making sure you know all the people they work with

…well that’s just not sticky for business.  It’s a turn off and people won’t want to do business with you.  Sticky…no sticky.

However, if you go in with a no sticky attitude and do things like:

  • Give away some help, just because it’s the right thing to do
  • Share an article that has nothing to do with your business, but warms your client’s hearts and minds
  • Reach out and ask how you can participate in something without trying to get something in return

…now that’s the sticky stuff right there!  You engage people in way that is kind and not about business.  No sticky…sticky!

I recently read an article on that talked about the sticky factor…except they went into this whole thing about demographics, which is way above the marketing levels of most to understand, but they said something very key:  “Relevant dialogue and education are the primary ingredients of “sticky” relationships, and delivering them requires understanding clients’ needs, wants and worries.  How novel is that?  Be relevant and relatable and provide education and value to a client.  Is that really new though?   We just have to get back to basics, folks.

I promise you, remembering the Sticky..No Sticky. No Sticky…STICKY rule works.  Ask yourself in the moment if what you’re doing is being overly sticky?  If so, you’re not sticking in your client’s mind.  However, if what you’re doing is not sticky to you, watch out – those clients will get stuck like glue to you and that’s a problem you want to have.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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