…and the standing ovation goes to @FMGSuite!

Financial service professionals: If you’re tired of me telling you to do social media, then maybe you’ll listen to Craig Faulkner of FMG Suite!

I had the good fortune to visit with Craig Faulkner last fall at his office in San Diego – wow!  I was blown away!  Craig has an AMAZING staff that really care about financial professionals and their social image.

Recently, an article written by Craig was published by InvestmentNews.com about the advisors who are still not using social media.  I still don’t get that – say what?

Craig addresses 5 major theories on those who are not using social and I want to reiterate and support his thoughts because I run into these every single day at Ash Brokerage:

  1. Huh?  Advisors just don’t get it.  Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media reminds us that we didn’t come out of the womb driving a car, we learned how to do it.  Well, social media is no different.  Pick something and go!
  2. Compliance.  I think Craig was kind when he said advisors ‘explain’ their fear of compliance.  I’m just going to say it’s an excuse.  Compliance has become a crutch for some advisors to create an excuse not do something / anything.  Find out from your compliance officer what is allowed.  If you can’t decipher the mumbo-jumbo legal jargon they send you, partner with someone (or contact us at Ash Brokerage) to help you with this.
  3. NOW!  One thing some advisors do is try to put me on the spot about how they haven’t gotten any traction on social media, yet they’ve had a LinkedIn account for 6 months or have a Twitter account they’ve never tweeted from.  Just like anything, social media takes time.  I remind often that the ROI of social media is Return on Impact…if you’re not putting fair impact into your social, then you’re not going to get a fair return on it either.
  4. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!  C’mon!  Anything good takes time.  You nurtured a relationship to become a marriage.  You nurtured a child to become an adult.  You nurtured your education to graduate from college.  Marketing is the same thing – you must put time into it to get something out of it. Make the time!
  5. Ch-Ching!  Most social media platforms are free.  There are costs associated with keeping them compliant.  Put the cost in perspective of keeping your content compliant and meeting new clients though.  Craig is right when he points out these are a fraction of your marketing budget.

So what are you waiting for?  Join others – stop being social media averse and embrace learning a new skill.  There are lots of us that want to help you succeed!

I can’t let Craig one up me though!  Ha!  I did a video with Craig where I offered 5 social media marketing tips and we would love for you to watch it!  Just click here:  http://www.fmgsuite.com/market-in-motion/five-social-media-secrets-with-sheryl-brown/ 

Let’s get social – feel free to connect with me, Craig and others online!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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