A tribute to @AutismSpeaks and Autism Awareness Day – #LIUB

jennaThis is my beautiful daughter, Jenna.  She is incredibly bright, is a true giver from her heart and was diagnosed with Autism at age five.  I’m a lucky mom!

Today is World Autism Day [and it’s also my birthday].  Every Apr 02 instead of thinking about the extra gray hairs I’m finding around my temples or laugh lines around my eyes, I spend time Lighting It Up Blue (#LIUB) and being grateful for organizations like AutismSpeaks.

I recently read an article that outlined 12 states have still not adopted autism insurance laws [healthcare].  I think this will change as policy and reforms continue to forge ahead.

AutismSpeaks is a wonderful representation of what happens when collected voices are heard.  Because of the tireless volunteers at organizations like this, my beautiful daughter has a chance at things many of us take for granted like mainstream schooling, driving a car, job opportunities and even obtaining life insurance.

How can financial services help?

Let’s Light It Up Blue and be sure to reach out into our respective communities and help parents with children who have autism create a financial plan that keeps these young people safe in the event their important caregivers die prematurely.  The work you do is important and makes a difference!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite



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