Does your email sign-off hurt or help your brand? [H/T to @RZGreenfield]

emailSo here I am shoveling through my Facebook news feed yesterday when I see an article shared by Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz titled, “You’re Ending Your Emails Wrong” published on Bloomberg. Rebecca Greenfield made a valid argument and it made me really read the salutations of the emails I received from the previous day. Lo and behold I found very common ones that read:

“Good Selling”

“All the best”

“Thank you”

For financial advisors, I would think this is really important to consider: How are you ending your emails? What about doing away with a salutation altogether? Is this too insignificant to matter to you? Let’s discuss.

Sincerely Yours

I vividly remember reading a Forbes article by Susan Adams on “57 Ways to Sign Off An Email” – holy moly, right? She shared everything I thought that was imaginable until last year she updated that article to “89 Ways to Sign Off On An Email”. I then thought, really? Do we really need 89 ways (I also wonder why we have 600 channels of TV too, so…)

Adams mentioned one thing in her article that I do believe is true – your sign-off shouldn’t leave people guessing at what you mean. For example, I’m not a fan of every email ending with “thank you”. Greenfield also reiterated the very point of my aggravation with this – do you really need to thank people for that attachment you sent? How grateful do you really have to be to tell everyone the bathroom is out of paper towels? There’s a place for a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and I don’t believe it’s at the end of your email.

What about those emails that have quotes by famous people? I am also not a fan of this. What if you’re quoting someone who a prospect can’t stand? Is it an endorsement of that celebrity and what they stand for? Mark Cuban is a dynamite business person – what if I hate the Mavericks? Will that turn some people away? I think anything’s possible.

Say Nothing At All

When in doubt, I think it’s best to say nothing at all. I think your social media icons in your signature line are far more important to your brand and business than a salutation. It got me to wonder how many people actually READ to the bottom of your email anyway?

First of all, most emails today are being read on a mobile device. I just saw a statistic published a couple of days ago by that provided a survey showing 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q4 of 2014, which was an increase from 48% just a year prior. So are people even reading the salutation? Maybe there is something to be said, by saying nothing at all.

Who Cares?

Maybe you don’t care and that’s fine too, it’s your business. This might be so incredibly trivial to your business and feel it warrants no attention. However…

I do think from a brand perspective it should be on someone’s mind in your company to at least consider giving a few minutes of thought. I feel strongly an email signature should contain your contact information, any disclaimers needed by compliance and social media icons so others can connect with you.

I felt this was a good discussion and it made me think about my own brand. I’m less inclined to believe salutations are needed after considering all of this information and on that note I leave you with my blog salutation (this isn’t an email, ya know!)

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC!

Sheryl Brown – @BIONICsocialite


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