Who REALLY wants to #BeTheBoss anyway?

like a bossFreedom – it’s my jam.  There, I said it out loud and put it into the universe.  I don’t want to be responsible for making sure someone gets to work on time or dresses according to the company’s employee manual.  It hurts my brain thinking about those things.  Do I manage people?  Yep, but do I REALLY want to be the boss?  Nope, I want to do things LIKE A BOSS.


In order to #BeTheBoss – you must:

  • Be A Box Checker.  Ugh – the dreaded Employee Manual, Rules of Engagement, Guidelines, Suggested this-and-that.  Whatever you call these box checking things, I simply can’t stand them.  I’m not a box checker, folks.  If I’m working with someone and they think, “This advisor should have (fill in the blank)” then I’m all for empowering that person do whatever it takes to make that advisor happy. Ultimately, I have a servant mentality, I suppose.  “Do unto others..” makes a whole lotta sense to me.  Call me crazy, I guess.
  • Be A Know It All.  Um…I don’t know it all.  I can’t.  I’m a human being, not a computer.  However, I know a lot of people who know more things than I do and I’m more than happy to connect you to them.  Beware, I might want to sit and listen with you though so I can learn too.  This old dog likes new tricks!
  • Be A Credit Taker.  This is the thing that drives me most nuts.  If you didn’t do the work, you don’t get the credit.  Period.  You should always be willing to say, “Isn’t this cool?  Guess what?  Let me introduce you to the person who made this possible…” and give credit where it’s due.

In order to do things #LikeABoss though – we must:

  • Be Enthusiastic.  This enthusiasm must be over-the-top to the point of contagious:  think viral.  You must infuse the people you are around with a delight they never knew was possible.  This is how you do your work like a boss!  Bring your passion!  Bring your drive.  Spunky people make stuff happen!
  • Be Dirty.  You should be down in the trenches doing the work with everyone else.  This not only makes you relatable, but it makes you appreciate the actual job being done.  My 27-year old son, Justin, worked at Lowe’s for many years when he was in high school.  He always told me when a guy walked in with fancy tennis shoes and clean shorts, he would politely greet the customer and walk past them to the guy wearing bib overalls, with dirt around his fingernails and a dusty ball cap.  At a young age, he knew this customer was there to spend money.  This hardworking fella was doing his work like a boss!
  • Be a Credit Giver.  I had to bring up this topic again as it’s near and dear to my heart.  A. Whitney Griswold wrote, “Creative ideas do not spring forth from groups.  They spring from individuals.”  Do yourself a favor:  build others up like a boss!  It’s the right thing to do…always.

So go into your days this week and question if you are being a boss or doing things like a boss.  It may seem like a silly difference in words, but in these few examples you are able to see the small differences really are a big deal.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today.

Sheryl Brown, @BIONICsocialite






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