How about a Monkey, Moon and Maybe with @HaveaSODA?

monkeyMany of you will recall that I posted about Barbara Burke last year…almost at this exact same time.  It seems she has struck again with a new book called “The Monkey, the Moon and the Maybe” and it’s a continuation of a fable about Olivia and her work at Mighty Power.  If you’ve ever been scared of losing a job, forgetful about reflecting on the good in your life or just losing your faith in how the world works – then let’s quickly discuss.

The Monkey  Ever put your hand down in a vase to grab something and tried to pull your hand out, but couldn’t?  The only way you could get your hand out was to let go of what was in your hand.  Really frustrating, right?  Sometimes, you just have to let go and have faith in a process or a person.  You’re not going to have all the answers.  What you can have though is courage and that says a lot more about a person. [You’ll have to read the book on why it’s about a monkey though!  I can’t give it all away!!]

The Moon  Every night on Facebook, I close out my night with my #GratitudeJournal.  This was something that was only supposed to happen for a week…three years ago.  That week became a month of closing out my day with three blessings.  That month became a year of hundreds of blessings.  That year became three years and I now have thousands of blessings.  Having the moon in your pocket to get you through the moment, the day may be all you need – count your blessings!

The Maybe  How many of worry – worry about everything? Well, The Maybe in this book will remind you why this is such a waste of time!  Remember – Right Now…Right Here…I’m okay.  Have faith in that!

The whole book is wonderful and I encourage you to read it.  It will even be better if you go back and read Barbara’s first book called “The Napkin, the Melon and The Monkey”.

Good stuff – and I was honored that she asked me to read this book too.  ((Thanks, Barbara!))

Be Bigger, Better and More BIONIC!

Sheryl Brown – the @BIONICsocialite


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