Client Attraction: Is it part of your everyday activity?

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Clients do not arrive at anyone’s door without us attracting them. They don’t. So what do you think attracts clients to work with you and is it an intentional part of your everyday activity? [The operative word being “intentional” in the question.] If you hesitated to answer, then check this out.

First, let’s define the subtle differences in Push Marketing vs. Pull Marketing:

  • Push Marketing is a strategy intended to sell you something outright. You set-up a direct-selling environment to be face-to-face in sales with a client.
  • Pull Marketing is a strategy which involves motivating a client to seek you out of the crowd. You get the client to come to you.

Both push and pull marketing strategies are an important part of a marketing plan for any business. Push marketing, however, seems to be more natural for many of us in financial services to do and today, I’m will share three ways you can be  more intentional in implementing push marketing tactics for client attraction:

Giving Away Value

Free. Zilch. Zip. You simply give value away. Sounds crazy, right? I know some of you are thinking, “Sheryl, giving away my craft doesn’t pay my bills.” Think about it this way though. You’re at the cash register paying for your groceries and your favorite baseball team has a pocket takeaway for you to have a list of all their games right in your wallet. You grab it and go.

…that was pull marketing through giving away value.

What can you give away which would attract people to your business? Could you:

  • …give a class at the local library on debt reduction?
  • …become a JA teacher for a local school and teach kids about finances?
  • …write a weekly column for your local paper about money?

Be intentional about what you plan to give away and make it something of real value to someone. Don’t go into this thinking you’re going to only give half of something away and make them work for the other half, it doesn’t work like this and you’ll be perceived as a jerk. Give away value and you will attract clients to your practice. If you give value away every day, people will have even more reason to do business with you.

Social Media Amplification

You know I have to get social media in this! Salesforce reported 70 percent of brands are increasing their social media spending in 2015. (I’m sure it’s more for 2016!) Today, it’s easier to connect with our clients via social media and make better purchasing decisions.

Any pull strategy requires a highly visible brand and social media helps amplify it. Your clients expect you to entertain and inform them. As mentioned above about giving away value, this is no longer considered “courtesy”, it’s an expectation. Clients also expect to find this value through social media.

Using the local library class as an example, you could:

  • …invite clients to attend the class and bring someone else would benefit from the material by posting this on Facebook and Twitter.
  • …with your class outline create a small graphic with some key points by using a cool tool called Pablo (found at and talk about the material with your followers.
  • …connect on LinkedIn to the program director at the library and ask them to share your invite with their community.

Have social media do the legwork for you. It has the ability to amplify far past what you can do by one-by-one. Social media is one-to-many. Leveraging social media is a smart marketing strategy with any push or pull marketing plans and it should be a part of your everyday activity.

Word of Mouth Referrals

This is the holy grail of pull marketing and some of the most effective ways to grow your business. Too often we wait until after the sale to ask for the referral. Instead, when the relationship is full steam ahead and clients are happy, why not ask during the process? You must have a specific process in place too. It might be filling out a form or sending them a question in a survey.

Going back to the giveaway, what if you gave your current client a 30-minute consultation to give to a friend who would benefit from similar services? My trainer, Chris Meier, recently gave me five business cards with one free workout to give to friends. It took me less than 2 hours to give those away. Doing something unexpected goes a long way with clients referring you!

How are you handling birthdays and thank you notes? I tried for one year to send out handwritten notes – I couldn’t do it. I have more than 3,000 connections and it was not feasible. However, I had time to send a thoughtful email or order a Starbucks gift card with a note and send it out. I had a much higher return on those than the handwritten note, which I still send out about 400 per year. When advisors have been referred to me, many have come with the set-up that I’m thoughtful and incredibly thankful for business, which I truly am. I’m intentional in making time for this every single day too.

So what are you willing to do TODAY to attract clients to your business? What new habit are you going to begin working on TODAY to invite new people to learn about your practice? Client attraction must be an intentional part of your day-to-day duties.

Write back and share with me. Any questions, I would love those too!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite






If you don’t believe me, then listen to @DaveKerpen at least!

listenI get it.  You need reassurance.  You want to believe what I’m telling you and then the little voice in your head says, “Why am I listening to that crazy gal at Ash Brokerage about social media?”  Well, you don’t have to – you can listen to Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local instead!

Recently shared on – – Dave’s article about the Eight Terrible Social Media Myths to be aware of had me jumping up from office yelling, “YES, YES YES!”  I hear these same things every. single. day. and feel a huge social media hug from my social media brother from another mother when he says:

  1. Your customers ARE on social media.  Please, financial advisors, be where your clients are or your competition will!
  2. You don’t need to join every social network.  Can I get a witness here?  We should only be on the social networks we can manage, if we try to be all things to all people we will surely miss something.
  3. Choosing the right channel.  Dave’s article reminds to not choose just one channel, but I would like to tweak this and say, “Choose the right channel.  Do it well.  Then, consider adding other channels.”  If you always stay on one channel, you run the risk of never learning how to adapt to other networks.  Again, consider your clients and be where they are.
  4. Content is not necessarily king.  I believe context is the new sheriff in town.  Rather than post a bunch of malarkey (for the sake of posting), post what your clients are interested (yeah, that might be bacon or cats sometimes).  REMINDER:  Be compliant in your posting though!  Know your static and interactive content and whether it’s financial-related or not.  If you have questions here, please ask!!
  5. Take it easy on that delete button.  I wrote about deleting comments a while back.  Don’t just delete things you don’t want to acknowledge; it’s just a bad habit that you need to break.  Instead, figure out why they are saying it and correct that part.  Keep control of your brand by being an active participant of the conversation.
  6. You don’t need millions of fans or followers.  Stop believing when you go to someone’s Twitter account and see they have 10,000 followers that they are all real too.  Many people have been conned into buying followers and I’m not a fan of this practice.  The people you’re connecting with day-to-day are more than good enough; value them.  Work with them, get introduced to others they know.  You’ll be amazed at how you can grow your business simply from the people you know today.
  7. You do want to measure, but pick your battle.  If you were a social media manager, you should measuring all the time – but you’re not, you’re a financial advisor.  I do think some metrics should be a part of your social media presence though.  The most important metric I recommend for the majority of financial advisors is the engagement rate:  basically, how effective you are in engaging your audience.  It’s a simple formula of Total Engagement (your likes, comments and shares) divided by your Total fans | followers | connections.  Work on engaging your audience and the rest will really work itself out.
  8. Contrary to believe, the “me” in media doesn’t mean it’s about you!  If you think social media is about you, then you’re being a social media jerk – stop it!  (I wrote about this a few months ago.)  You are using social media to help create awareness through thought-leadership and friendships, not by promoting yourself.  Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to be spammed by you?

All social media managers, regardless of industries or communities of professionals, really do want you to be successful.  Dave Kerpen is one of those good guys too and it’s why I’m so grateful for the things he shares.

Go into 2015 with a new confidence about social media.  Find a starting place and become an adopter of this practice.  If you need help, reach out to me or anyone in social media.  You’ll likely find we are all excited to get you up and running!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite