Client Attraction: Is it part of your everyday activity?

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Clients do not arrive at anyone’s door without us attracting them. They don’t. So what do you think attracts clients to work with you and is it an intentional part of your everyday activity? [The operative word being “intentional” in the question.] If you hesitated to answer, then check this out.

First, let’s define the subtle differences in Push Marketing vs. Pull Marketing:

  • Push Marketing is a strategy intended to sell you something outright. You set-up a direct-selling environment to be face-to-face in sales with a client.
  • Pull Marketing is a strategy which involves motivating a client to seek you out of the crowd. You get the client to come to you.

Both push and pull marketing strategies are an important part of a marketing plan for any business. Push marketing, however, seems to be more natural for many of us in financial services to do and today, I’m will share three ways you can be  more intentional in implementing push marketing tactics for client attraction:

Giving Away Value

Free. Zilch. Zip. You simply give value away. Sounds crazy, right? I know some of you are thinking, “Sheryl, giving away my craft doesn’t pay my bills.” Think about it this way though. You’re at the cash register paying for your groceries and your favorite baseball team has a pocket takeaway for you to have a list of all their games right in your wallet. You grab it and go.

…that was pull marketing through giving away value.

What can you give away which would attract people to your business? Could you:

  • …give a class at the local library on debt reduction?
  • …become a JA teacher for a local school and teach kids about finances?
  • …write a weekly column for your local paper about money?

Be intentional about what you plan to give away and make it something of real value to someone. Don’t go into this thinking you’re going to only give half of something away and make them work for the other half, it doesn’t work like this and you’ll be perceived as a jerk. Give away value and you will attract clients to your practice. If you give value away every day, people will have even more reason to do business with you.

Social Media Amplification

You know I have to get social media in this! Salesforce reported 70 percent of brands are increasing their social media spending in 2015. (I’m sure it’s more for 2016!) Today, it’s easier to connect with our clients via social media and make better purchasing decisions.

Any pull strategy requires a highly visible brand and social media helps amplify it. Your clients expect you to entertain and inform them. As mentioned above about giving away value, this is no longer considered “courtesy”, it’s an expectation. Clients also expect to find this value through social media.

Using the local library class as an example, you could:

  • …invite clients to attend the class and bring someone else would benefit from the material by posting this on Facebook and Twitter.
  • …with your class outline create a small graphic with some key points by using a cool tool called Pablo (found at and talk about the material with your followers.
  • …connect on LinkedIn to the program director at the library and ask them to share your invite with their community.

Have social media do the legwork for you. It has the ability to amplify far past what you can do by one-by-one. Social media is one-to-many. Leveraging social media is a smart marketing strategy with any push or pull marketing plans and it should be a part of your everyday activity.

Word of Mouth Referrals

This is the holy grail of pull marketing and some of the most effective ways to grow your business. Too often we wait until after the sale to ask for the referral. Instead, when the relationship is full steam ahead and clients are happy, why not ask during the process? You must have a specific process in place too. It might be filling out a form or sending them a question in a survey.

Going back to the giveaway, what if you gave your current client a 30-minute consultation to give to a friend who would benefit from similar services? My trainer, Chris Meier, recently gave me five business cards with one free workout to give to friends. It took me less than 2 hours to give those away. Doing something unexpected goes a long way with clients referring you!

How are you handling birthdays and thank you notes? I tried for one year to send out handwritten notes – I couldn’t do it. I have more than 3,000 connections and it was not feasible. However, I had time to send a thoughtful email or order a Starbucks gift card with a note and send it out. I had a much higher return on those than the handwritten note, which I still send out about 400 per year. When advisors have been referred to me, many have come with the set-up that I’m thoughtful and incredibly thankful for business, which I truly am. I’m intentional in making time for this every single day too.

So what are you willing to do TODAY to attract clients to your business? What new habit are you going to begin working on TODAY to invite new people to learn about your practice? Client attraction must be an intentional part of your day-to-day duties.

Write back and share with me. Any questions, I would love those too!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite






5 Tips to Organizing your Social Media for 2016

So you’ve decided to add Social Media to your marketing arsenal for 2016 – woo hoo!  I’m so happy to hear this.  You might be wondering, though, “What are some best practices for organizing my social media efforts for 2016?” and I have some great tips for you!  Below you will find five fresh and fabulous ways to organize your social media for 2016:

Calendar Your Efforts

1 – Calender Your Efforts

Seems simple enough – but get a calendar and start to look at all the dates you could talk about financial planning, wealth management, and insurance advice in the coming year.  If you calendar your efforts, you will be much more organized with your thoughts and it won’t seem like social media marketing is this overwhelming task.  For example, have you considered:

Monthly Themes.  February is American Heart Month.  You could go to the American Heart Association website and find LOTS of material to talk about this topic with your audience.  What about October with Breast Cancer Awareness month? The National Breast Cancer Foundation has a wonderful website with lots of material you could share.   This is a great way to repurpose someone else’s content (be sure and give them credit) and provide valuable information and resources about a particular topic.

Events.  What about Super Bowl 50 that is coming up on February 07, 2016?  The 88th Academy Awards is coming on February 28, 2016.  You could talk with your audience about their favorite team or ask them about the movies they’ve watched – are any of them ones you should see?  Starting a real conversation with your audience is a way to engage them and learn more about them as clients.

5760579475_8ebafb35ac_m2 – Graphics

You want to use as many graphics as you can in your social media marketing.  When you use pictures, your potential engagement increases.  However, many people do not know where they can go to get free graphics to use.

I can tell you that using Google as a resource for graphics is a BAD IDEA!  Many of them are copyright protected and we don’t want you to get in any trouble!  My social media buddy, Amy Vernon, published an awesome article in Inc. magazine recently on “7 of the Best Sites for High Quality, Free Stock Photos”.

When you go to the article (click HERE), I can tell you that I personally use Flickr Creative Commons a lot.  Most of the graphics you see in my blogs are from there.  I was excited when Amy published this article (and I shared this with my LinkedIn followers) as she pointed the way to new places I didn’t know about!   Pretty much everything you need, you can find on one of these seven sites.

clock3 – Time.  When are you gonna do this stuff?  Make the time on your calendar to make sure this gets done.  Seems like a no-brainer, I know, but you have to get this stuff done.  Also, who is going to do this stuff too?  I suggest taking 20-30 minutes each week and working on the next week’s material.  If you feel REALLY eager, then work out a couple of weeks in advance.

As you do more of this, you will naturally start thinking about more themes and events and ways you can be creative – -this may take more time too.  Time is an important consideration in doing social media well.  You don’t want to be rushed, but I’m also quick to remind you don’t want to spend too much time doing this either.

Find a good balance, but start with at least 20 minutes each week.

8578688383_3dc6c27224_o4 – Project Management Tool.  You really do need a project management tool to organize everything for a variety of reasons. My favorite for this is Trello.  My top reasons are because:

It’s free.  I love free, don’t you?

It’s collaborative.  You can assign (and rescind) as many people to a board to work on as you need.

It’s accessible.  You can use this from a desktop as easy as you can from a mobile device.

As their website says, “Infinitely flexible.  Incredibly easy to use.  Great mobile apps.  It’s free.”  What more can you ask for, right?

arm wrestling5 – Social Media Management Tool.  You need to manage the social networks and schedule the messaging because you can’t do it all in real time.  The best tools for this are Buffer and Hootsuite.

I’m particularly fond of Buffer as it’s incredibly easy to use for most financial services professionals.  However, you will need to pay for this to schedule more than 10 things out.  I’m on the Awesome Plan and pay $102 per year – – it works great!  Hootsuite has a free version that will be enough for what you need, but its interface is not as user-friendly.  Pick your poison.  It’s not a matter of Buffer and Hootsuite arm wrestling for your business.  Each has their own functionality, but I would still pick Buffer each time to make it easier for you.

Using these five tips to organize your social media will give you a great start for 2016.  If you have any questions, I welcome you to contact me for some help.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown @BIONICsocialite