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Financial Services Professionals LinkedIn Mobile App Update

I thought one of the greatest acquisitions by LinkedIn was in 2014 when they brought Connected into their suite of products. Since then, I’ve been reminding every financial services professional I encounter to download the separate Connected app to their iPhone/Android as a quick and easy way to stay in touch with their LinkedIn connections. Why would I do this when there was already a main LinkedIn mobile app? Well, to be honest, it kind of sucked…and this separate app was great for us in the relationship business.

Then they heard our cries…

Well, LinkedIn heard our battle cries and redesigned their mobile app. When you have million of users wanting something, you listen! So effective March 21, 2016, they will be retiring the standalone LinkedIn Connected app. Everything you need will be found in the newly redesigned LinkedIn app. Go ahead and delete it today because the new and improved LinkedIn mobile app is pretty freaking awesome!

Download LI appDownload LI app 2



So, Sheryl, where are my contacts now?

With the new LinkedIn mobile app, you’ll find all of your contacts under “My Network”. Here, you’ll see work anniversaries, new positions, birthdays, etc. With a tap of your finger, you’ll be able to reach out quickly and congratulate your connections on any changes going on in their professional lives. And yes, you can customize those messages, which you couldn’t do previously on the old app.

While in there, you’ll also be able to add people and search for current connections; all within one application versus several standalone products. The LinkedIn Help Center is a click away for any specific questions too. Simply go to and look for anything which might be eating at you!

Change is good for everyone even if it’s a little uncomfortable at first. The social media networks do listen to our needs and build/rebuild products to more closely answer the challenges we face. This application change is an example of crowd-sourcing requests at its finest.

If you have any questions about this or any other social media-related needs, feel free to reach out and ask. We are all in this together!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite


Clients should use their phone to sign more documents

Financial Professionals docusign

I bought my house while shopping in a Gordman’s on December 14, 2015. It’s true. I was walking down an aisle with my husband looking at a resin cardinal statue and my realtor sent me to a DocuSign link which I clicked, signed the screen of my iPhone, pressed ‘sign here’ and then put the cardinal in my shopping cart. I remember it vividly because the next aisle I stopped and said to my husband, “Why can’t life insurance purchases always be this simple?”

So I started doing my homework. Sure enough, I now see that Banner Life Insurance (Legal & General America) partnered with DocuSign and I did an imaginary fist bump to them for their innovation. I realize there are eDocument services out there, but the proliferation of accessibility was out of my scope when I see the monster amounts of applications our firm receives each day. It got me to thinking, “How many advisors even know this is offered out there?” According to DocuSign’s blog, they have this service available for more than 400 insurance companies – so why aren’t we using this more often? Good gravy!

Operating Costs

When we can reduce operating costs, everyone wins. If I can stand at the store and buy a house, why can’t a client stand in line at the supermarket and buy life insurance? It saves everyone time. Advisors, we all need to do a better job of asking for this important resource to be offered wherever we submit business.

Missed Signatures

The absolute WORST thing about taking applications is missing a signature. Anything which remotely can cause a hesitation in the buying cycle is considered unacceptable. With a service like DocuSign, we don’t miss signatures and it keeps our clients in the buying funnel. Again, don’t you want to have access to this type of resource wherever you’re processing business?

Less Headache

Let’s get to the bottom-line – this service creates a lot less headache. Clients are satisfied to know they are signing documents in a convenient, yet secure, manner and using a device of their choice. In my home purchase example, I signed documents via my iPhone as easily as my desktop email. At all times, I was in the buying funnel and I can’t remember a moment of questioning, “Do I really want this house?” Instead, it was, “I love buying my house, it’s so convenient today!” <- That’s where we need to be as an industry.

This is not a promotional piece for DocuSign – they did not ask me to write this. Nope. Instead, I’m concerned we are not paying attention to innovative methods to answer the challenges we face as an industry. Ask for these types of services – they are there to help us be better financial services practitioners. If someone doesn’t offer these types of services, ask them, “Why?” or find another partner to work with who does.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite







One of the greatest #ProductivityHacks of 2015 for me was…

to do listWe all have a to-do list.  I don’t care what form that takes whether it’s the back of envelopes, Post-it notes, etc. we all need to know what we need to get done each day.  There are some to do items that only require you to do something, but what about when the item to do is done by you and then needs to have something done by someone else?  Yep – that happens all the time in business and I’ve found nothing greater to get this done than Wunderlist. (P.S. It’s free too.)


On their website, Wunderlist claims they are the “easiest way to get stuff done” – and they really are!  This project planning tool will allow you to silo out the certain to-do lists that only require your attention while creating separate lists that others can join and be collaborative on that particular item.

wunderlist 2

It comes with a desktop version you can download, but why bother?  The web version and mobile application are more than enough to keep you on track while at the office or on the road.  I have collaborative to-do lists such as the grocery list (so my husband and children can pick up what’s needed at the store simply by checking what is on their mobile application version of Wunderlist) and I have a to-do list with another colleague on my team to plan out social media campaigns and content for our company, but I have personal to-do lists that include books I want to read, movies I want to watch, etc.

Some other cool features of Wunderlist:

  • You can…take an item that is on one list and move it to another simply by dragging and dropping.
  • You can…talk to someone via the messenger part of the app on a particular item to be done and it captures and keeps your note there.
  • You can…add attachments that pertain to an item right to the to do listed.
  • You can…do so much more than all of this!

How about those of you who think, “To-do lists do not work for me!”?  I’m pretty sure I understand this more than you realize.  I recently read an article by Lifehack on this very topic and the bottom-line was: don’t agonize – organize.  That’s what Wunderlist does.  It takes these overwhelmingly large things that have to get done and breaks them down into bite-size nuggets so you actually accomplish more.

I encourage you to check out this terrific to-do list tool (say that 5x fast!) and start getting things done in a more efficient (and social media friendly) way.  Any questions – let me know.

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite